How long will my meals last for?

Dish Delish meals have an average shelf life of 7-9 days in the fridge from when they are delivered. We recommend eating any meals with fish within the first 7 days. Some meals/snacks have a longer shelf life. Always check the use by/expiry date before consumption.

How do the meals stay fresh?

Dish Delish sources the freshest ingredients and we seal our meals using “Modified Atmosphere Packaging". Like vacuum sealing, this slows the oxidation process allowing food to stay fresh naturally for as long as possible.

Can I freeze my Dish Delish meals?

We recommend that your meals be consumed fresh while they hold their highest nutritional qualities. However, your meals may be frozen before the use by/expiry date if necessary.

How do I heat my meals?

Firstly, all of our meals are fully cooked. So you can eat them cold if you are so inclined. Alternatively, please follow these directions to heat your meals:

  1. Remove bag and any sauce packets from container.
  2. Place the cover (found underneath the container) loosely on top.
  3. Place in microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes.

Please note that not all microwaves have the same power levels so you may need to adjust the time accordingly. CAUTION! Contents coming out of the microwave may be hot.

What if I have food allergies?

Allergen alerts are noted both on the meal package and on our website. Please note that our chefs take the highest care to keep allergy prone ingredients out of certain meals, however, they may still be present as all of our meals are produced in the same kitchen.

Does Dish Delish have any vegetarian meals?

Yes! All of our vegetarian options have symbols noted.

Does Dish Delish have any gluten free meals?

Yes! All of our gluten free options have symbols noted.

Does Dish Delish cater for specific dietary requirements?

All of our meals are made and packed as described on our website. We are unable to take requests for custom ingredients or meals due to our large volume of production.

Will I receive exactly what is shown in the images?

Please note that our meals are packed and portioned according to weight and that quantity/pieces shown in images may vary.

How do I order?

Browse our online menu, add individual meals or preset meal plans to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout when you are ready.

What is the minimum order?

Because Dish Delish is a premium product, we have a minimum spend of $69 per order (that’s 7 meals!).

When do I have to order by and when is delivery?

Orders must be placed before Thursday 11:59pm for Monday delivery.

Do I need to a subscription or contract?

No! We do not require a subscription or contract policy. You can order meals weekly or whenever you like – smell the freedom!

What happens if I place an order after cut off?

Orders are accepted until cut off, which is Thursdays at 11:59pm. Orders are then freshly prepared on Saturdays and Sundays and delivered on Mondays. If your order is received after the cut off time for a given week, your order will be freshly prepared for delivery on Monday the following week.

How do I pay?

At checkout you will be asked to enter your details for payment online. We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards and payment via PayPal.

What if my payment is declined?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your order for delivery if your payment method is declined.

Where does Dish Delish deliver?

We currently deliver in Windsor and Essex County. 

When do I have to order by & when is delivery?

Orders must be placed before Thursday 11:59pm for Monday delivery.

What time will my order be delivered?

Orders will be delivered throughout the day on Mondays. You do not need to be home to receive your order.

Do I need to be home to receive delivery?

No, you do not need to be home to receive your delivery as our meals are delivered in a polystyrene box with an ice pack, which can hold a safe temperature for up to 6-8 hours. Your delivery will be left at your front door unless you have specified a specific location in your delivery notes

What if I live in a gated complex or high-rise building?

Please leave delivery notes with instructions on how to enter the complex, such as a code or buzzer, or if it is okay to leave your order at the reception.

I did not receive exactly what I ordered.

Please email us if there are any issues with the order you have received.

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